Horse Boarding Facilities

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I have 4 stables available for boarding horses plus 1 stable for my own horse. I do not want to keep more than 5 horses on the property. The size of each stable is 3m x 4m


Tack room

Each boarder get allocated a portion of floor space in the tack room to store tack and feed. In the tack room there are also a saddle rack for each horse. A little portable alarm system protect the contents of the tack room from would be thieves.

Round pen

Round pen

17m diameter



Standard sized arena

Jumping lane

There is a lane running between the arena and a fence that can be used as a jumping lane.


Riding Lessons

  • I offer beginners Natural Horsemanship riding lessons.
  • Only persons eight and older.
  • R40 per lesson (Approx. 45min).
  • Individuals will enjoy personal attention and one on one teaching.
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Price List

Boarding Fee R400 per month
Full lease of horse R600 per month
Riding Lessons R40 per lesson (Approx. 45 minutes)

Other Services

Horse boarders get their own email address for free.

Horse boarders can surf the net at R10 per hour.

If you are new to the world of horses and you would like to own your own horse, but don't know where to start then I have the solution for you.

I will help you find a horse suitable for you. I will buy that horse and you can lease the horse from me with an option to buy. Since I'm buying the horse, I will be looking for good value for my money, thus you can be assured that you will get good value for your money when you buy him from me. Even so, if you don't like the horse you simply stop leasing and don't buy the horse from me. No questions asked.