Directions from Uitenhage to Die Aalwyne

Exit Uitenhage via Cuyler Street. This wil be the R334 to Rocklands and Humansdorp. As you exit Uitenhage you wil cross a bridge. From the bridge 2.3km onward you will find on the left a very small sign “Uitenhage Aerodrome” sirkeled in red and 2 gravel roads on your right. Take the second gravel road on your right, indicated here with a red arrow.

Go past the next road on your right hand side.

Turn right at the next road. Die Aalwyne is right there on the corner. Entrance is just out of view on this photo, indicated with yello arrow. DO NOT go up this road towart the hill. There is a large sign on the gate with my name and “Die Aalwyne”. Same as the top left logo on this website.