Stand a chance to win website hosting and R460. Should you wish to continue with the website after one year, my standerd fees will apply. The following are included in the prize:

  • a registered domain of your choice, subject to availability, for one year to the value of R120.
  • Website hosting service, foal hosting plan, for one year to the value of R340. See Complete web hosting solution page for details.


Should you not want a website, you can still take part in the competition and swap the prize for R50 airtime or bitcoin to the value of R50. An additional prize of R20 airtime or bitcoin to the value of R20 will be given away for the first person to correctly post the name of the winner on facebook, as a comment to the competition thread. This competition is only open to South African residents. Competition closing date: 15 January at midnight*, any shares/comments after this will be ignored. The winner will be announced on 17 January 2018.

I reserve the right to close the competition earlier, without prior notice. I will post a comment on the competition thread to inform every one of an early closure. Any comments after that comment will not count toward the competition. The method of drawing a winner and the date the winner will be announced will always remain the same.

Competition rules

How to enter

You have 3 opportunities to enter.

  1. Sign up for my website hosting service and pay before competition closes and receive 10 tickets to the competition. A link to your website will be placed here as proof of entry.
  2. Receive 1 ticket for sharing this link: “” to your facebook timeline. The share must be publicly visible. Add some text to make it more interesting. Text example: “I’ve entered a competition and might win a website (or airtime or bitcoin) from service provider in above link” Then post a comment “Link shared” to the facebook competition thread.
  3. Receive 1 ticket for sharing the facebook competition thread. Then post a comment “Competition thread shared” to the facebook competition thread.

Only one entry of each type listed above will be allowed per person, i.e. a maximum of 12 tickets.

Your name and ticket number will be listed at the bottom of this page, within 24 hours. If not, please contact me so that I can investigate the problem.

Provably fair

The determination of the winner of this competition is provably fair. That is anyone with some math skills will be able to calculate and determine the winner of the competition, based on the example calculation steps set forth here.

The name and ticket number of each person who enters will be listed on the bottom of this page. The formula for the winning ticket will be: ceiling((H +1) / 65536 x N), where:

N is the total number of entries.

H is the decimal equivalent of the last 4 digits of the hash value of the first block created on the bitcoin blockchain after 16 January 2018 at 06:00 SAST.

Sound complicated? Here is an example, based on the assumption that the closing date is today ( 1 January 2018 ) at 6 AM and that a total of 100 tickets were entered.

First thing is to find the first block that were added to the bitcoin blockchain after closing time. This can be found at Note that the timestamp on each block is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), so based on our example closing time, the block we are looking for will have a timestamp after 4AM. Found it, it is block number 495194. The hash of this block is:


The last 4 digits of the hash is 0a7b. That is a hexadecimal number and need to be converted to decimal, like this:

0 => 0x16x16x16 = 0
a => 10x16x16 = 2560
7 => 7×16 = 112
b => 11

Add them all together and get 2683.

So the winning ticket is:
ceiling((H +1) / 65536 x N)
= ceiling((2683+1)/65536×100)
= ceiling(0.0409)
= 1

Airtime alternative

Airtime will be sent to the number of your choosing. You’ll need to specify what network the number is on, i.e. Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom Mobile or Virgin Mobile.

Bitcoin alternative

Should you wish to take your prize in bitcoin, the bitcoin will be send to your email address or cellphone number, your choice. You will need an account at to receive the bitcoin. See luno’s website for details on how sending and receiving bitcoin work using a luno account.

List of entrants

Person's Name Comment Ticket Number
Piet Someone Competition Thread shared 1
Piet Someone Website link shared 2