Boarding Contract

Boarding Agreement


  1. a)           The owner– The person, who owns the horse that is boarded at “Die Aalwyne”, provided he/she is over 18 years old. If he/she is 18 years or younger, this agreement must be filled out and signed by his/her parent or legal guardian. For the purpose of this agreement such parent or guardian will be considered the owner of the horse.

Name (In full):

Postal Address:

Tel:  (h)      (w)

  1. b)           The horse– Horse to be boarded at “Die Aalwyne” by the owner.

Name of horse:

Approx. Age:



1. c)            “Die Aalwyne”– The property at which the horse will be staying.

1. d)            Start date of boarding:


1)   On Arrival:

1.1           The horse will be kept separate from other horses for at least 2 weeks or longer at the discretion of Mr W J Van der Mescht. During this time the horse will be treated, at the owners expense, for any ailments the horse may have to prevent infecting the other horses on the property.

1.2           A deposit of R800 (Eight Hundred Rand) PLUS the first months boarding fee is payable before the horse may enter the property. The deposit will be refunded to the owner on termination of the boarding contract provided all fees as set out in this agreement is paid in full.

1.3           Should this agreement be terminated by the owner within one year of the initiation of this agreement an early termination penalty of R400 (Four Hundred Rand) will be payable by the owner. Such fee will not be payable in the case of termination by Mr W J Van der Mescht.


2)         Mr W J Van der Mescht will provide the following facilities and care:

2.1)         The horse owner will have fair and reasonable access to and use of the facilities, as provided. Any damage or loss thereto, allowing for normal wear and tear, will be payable by the horse owner.

2.2)         The horse may only be used within the prescribed riding areas. Camps designated for grazing may not be used for riding purposes.

2.3)         The horse will be allocated a stable that will be for his use only. No other stable may be utilized for the horse and no other horse shall be put in such allocated stable. The horse may be stabled over night on request of the owner. The horse may only be stabled day and night when absolutely necessary due to health reasons.

2.4)         The horse will (When not stabled) have free access to grazing. Mr W J Van der Mescht will however determine at his discretion which camps will be utilized for grazing at any given time.

2.5)         The horse will have free access to water at all times. The owner also have free access to water for washing the horse etc, but please keep in mind that water are scares and must be used sparingly.

2.6)         Should the horse need any additional feed, Mr W J Van der Mescht will see to it that the horse is fed as required by the owner. It is however the owners responsibility to provide such feeds.

2.7)         Mr W J Van der Mescht will pick out stables on a daily basis, but it is the owners responsibility to provide and install fresh bedding when required.

2.8)         In the owners absence, Mr. W J Van der Mescht will perform small essential tasks as required by the owner, such as blanketing the horse, removing the blanket in the morning, putting on fly fringe etc. All equipment required must be provided by the owner. Note: Grooming is not considered essential.


3)         The owner will be responsible for the following:

3.1)         Shoeing and farrier care will be the responsibility of the owner, at the discretion of the  owner. Horses must preferably not be shod on their hind feet. Should it be absolutely necessary for the horse to have shoes on the hind feet, the horse will be kept separate from horses of other owners that do not have shoes on their hind feet.

3.2)         Mr. W J Van der Mescht may notify the owner should he notice any abnormality in the horse that might indicate illness. Mr W J Van der Mescht is however not required to notify the owner of any injury or illness. The health of the horse is in its totality the responsibility of the owner. If and when Mr W J Van der Mescht do notify the owner of possible illness, it is up to the owner to call in a vet or not. Mr W J Van der Mescht can not be held liable for vet charges weather it turns out that a vet was required or not or any other expense that the owner may incur as a result of not calling in a vet in time.

3.3)         The prescribed boarding fee shall be R400 per calendar month or pro-rata for part thereof and are payable in advance before the 3rd of each month. Any deviation from, or additions to, the above will be agreed separately by both parties. Mr Van der Mescht reserves the right to increase the fee annually at the end of February. The owner will be informed in writing of such increase at least one month in advance.

3.4)         Every horse at “Die Aalwyne” will have a halter, lead rein and feeding bucket allocated to them. This equipment must be provided by the horse owner and will be made available to Mr W J Van der Mescht at all times to ensure that the contractual agreement between Mr W J Van der Mescht and the horse owner can be met. Equipment allocated to an individual horse may not be used on any other horse.

3.5)         When the horse is stabled, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide the necessary bedding of his/her choice, ex. Wood shavings.

3.6)         All horses must be de-wormed at the end of February, May, August and November respectively. Horses must be de-wormed on the same day. The exact date will be decided on, in advance to suite all parties involved. It is the owners responsibility to de-worm his/her own horse.


4)         General

4.1)         No horse, other than the horse boarded by the horse owner, may be ridden or handled in any way without the permission from that horse’s owner.

4.2)         All affiliates to “Die Aalwyne” have full permission to approach strangers or visitors on the property to enquire their reason for being there.

4.3)         The boarding and fees as set above are on a month to month basis. If either party wish to terminate this agreement a notice of termination must be given IN WRITING one calendar month in advance. No reasons need to be given for termination.

4.4)         By signing this contract the owner agrees that in case of non payment of fees, Mr W J Van der Mescht becomes co-owner of the horse with immediate effect, until arrear fees are paid in full.  Should payment of fees be in arrears for more than 3 months, Mr W J Van der Mescht reserves the right to sell the horse to recover such arrear fees. Reasonable notice of the intent to sell the horse will be given to the owner.

4.5)         The owner will receive a key to the premises and facilities that must be returned on date of termination. A fee of R20 is payable if the key is not returned or need to be replaced.


5)         INDEMNITY: 

5.1)         The owner hereby indemnifies Mr W J Van der Mescht, his employees and anyone who may assist with the care of the horses and will not hold them liable for any accident or injuries to the horse, the rider, visitors or spectators at “Die Aalwyne” and surrounding riding areas.

5.2)         The owner hereby indemnifies the owners of all the other horses on “Die Aalwyne” and will not hold them liable for any accident or injuries to the horse, the rider, visitors or spectators at “Die Aalwyne” and surrounding riding areas.

5.3)         Any personal item left at “Die Aalwyne” that is broken, stolen, lost etc. is the responsibility of the owner and Mr W J Van der Mescht takes no liability for any loss or damage to personal property.

5.4)         The horse is boarded at “Die Aalwyne” at own risk. i.e. Mr W J Van der Mescht can not be held liable should the horse get stolen or injured.


Contact details of the owner in case of emergency.

The owner is hereby reminded that in case of injury to the horse or any other medical emergency, that Mr W J Van der Mescht have no authority to affect treatment and that speedy treatment fully depend on the availability of the owner or representatives as listed below. It is up to the owner to keep the information set out in this form current.


I hereby authorise the above representative(s) to take any steps necessary, ex. calling a vet, to ensure the safety and well being of my horse and I will pay all costs resulting from their actions.